About Sarah


I first found my love for flowers when I was 15 and worked at a florist for work experience. Unlike so many teenagers when I left school, I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do.

I started a Youth Training Scheme a week after I left school and worked in a busy florist in Norwich. In my first year I saw some absolutely amazing wedding work from bouquets to decorating large Marquees. I believe this is where my passion for wedding work started.

I also attended college to gain my qualifications in the first two years of my career.

I have worked in florist shops and have seen and worked with a variety of methods, styles and flowers. Some of which I continue to use in my designs today.

If I was asked what one of the most important things would be, I would say it’s the little things which are important and make the difference whether it is sourcing a particular variety of flower which has personal meaning to the recipient, or replicating a wedding bouquet from an old photograph.