Bouquets and Arrangements



The traditional bouquet is a popular choice. The flowers are wrapped in tissue paper and patterned cellophane and finished with a beautiful colour co-ordinated ribbon bow. This is a perfect gift for someone who loves to put flowers in a vase or is a keen flower arranger. 

The hand-tied bouquet is a fantastic choice, as it ticks all the boxes. The flowers are arranged in the hand and tied securely in a round posy shape. The stems are cut level so they create a spiral. The flowers are gift wrapped in tissue paper and patterened cellophane, with the stems wrapped in cellophane to create a water reservoir to ensure maximum freshness.

With a flower arrangement the flowers are arranged in water retaining foam (oasis) which is secured in a container, usually a concealed plastic saucer or a coloured zinc pot. There are different shapes you can choose from. 

A basket arrangement is like the flower arrangements, the mixed selection of flowers and foliage are expertly arranged in water retaining foam (oasis), but are secured in an attractive basket. We have a selection of baskets either with or without a handle