Special Tributes



At Sarah Coxon Floral Design, we are often asked to design and create a bespoke funeral tribute, either in 2D and 3D. 

Usually we get shown a picture of the real life object and are then asked to replicate this in flowers. With our experience we would then advise our customer whether we would have to make any slight changes needed to make the design practical. 

The design is based in Chyrsanthemums and and contain other flowers of yoru choice. With the use of special flower spray paint, we can also replicate a lot of colours, even if it is a camouflage design. So if you wanted a purple teapot or a cerise and black polka dot handbag we can do this for you! 

Some of our designs are in the Gallery

If you would like us to design a bespoke flower tribute for you, please contact Sarah on 01328 829 781 to talk through your design and to get an individual quotation.